Remote Tools (Premium)

This add-on provides features that make life with WP fail2ban easier, all from a remote server. This gives access to valuable but infrequently used tools without bloating the core plugin.

The first of these is a Custom Filter Tool (CFT).

The filter files included are intended only as a starting point for those who want WPf2b to work “out of the box”.

There is no “one size fits all” configuration possible for fail2ban - what may be a soft failure for one site should be treated as a hard failure for another, and vice versa.

-- WPf2b Documentation

You could simply edit the filter files included, but it's surprisingly easy to make a mistake; I learned this the hard way with earlier versions of WPf2b.... The CFT removes most of the opportunities for human error - always a good thing!

The second will be a Custom Jail Tool (CJT).

This is a little more complex, but in combination with the CFT it'll make configuring fail2ban much easier.

Remote Tools screenshot