Blocklist v2 “Jubilee”


2022/06/01: Blocklist, Blog, News

After a more successful than expected v1 "soft launch", I'm pleased to announce v2 - now with added IPv6 support!

Never heard of the Blocklist? Take a look at the add-on page.

v1 was all about determining what works and what doesn't, and the paid plans reflect that.

The obvious approach was to offer tiers of update frequency - 24, 12, or 6 times per day; simple to understand and simple to implement.

However, given how well it's all working, I think it's possible to offer tiers based on update quantity instead. In other words, hourly updates of up to e.g. 100%, 50%, 10% of the new offending IPs.

Do you think quantity would be better than frequency? Or perhaps some other method entirely?

I'd really like your feedback on this - there's a comments link on this post, please use it!